Air Conditioning (A/C) Service and Repair – Lafayette, LA area

  • Over 80 years combined experience with Air Conditioning and Heating for Lafayette, LA
  • Licensed in duct leakage testing to assure sealed system
  • 15 years in new construction and industry so very able to size, load and duct house correctly on new or old homes

  • Trane dealer for 15 years
  • Started in 1998
  • Licensed and qualified techs to service your needs with certifications in many aspects of air conditioning
  • Maintenance agreements available creating discounts for the customer.

  • Knowledgable installers on staff

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If you drive a car 24/7 and never change oil you will destroy vehicle. The same is true with A/C units. Serviced units will outperform and have less breakdowns.

We strive to make the customers experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.